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    A Little Self-Reflecting Never Hurt Anyone

    I do not resent reflection tasks nearly as much as I used to. They seemed ridiculous and frustrating, and I suppose I just wasn’t too keen on dwelling on my shortcomings. However throughout my University years I have had a change of heart and realised this is exactly what I need. I need to be …

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    HONY: Ethics in Public Photography

    I find this weeks topic and blog task particularly challenging. Mainly so, because no matter how much I fret over the idea I cannot quite come to a consensus on a photography code of ethics that I am okay with. The context of public photography is so dynamic that my views change with every new …

  • Straight_Outta_Compton_poster

    Straight Outta Popcorn

    After two weeks of postponing this blog post in a mild denial, I have FINALLY managed to make it to the movies. Between mid semester exams and a severely lacking bank account it was evident that the movies just were not a practical idea around this time.  Not to mention the task of coordinating multiple …

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    One Mule and a four legged TV

    I picture my lounge room, only 40 years earlier. The same fire place, the same big room,  the same intricate ceiling patterns and country-based paintings hanging on the walls. Replace our black leather recliner lounges with cream vinyl, and most importantly, replace our 65″ TV with a small, fuzzy-reception, four legged box TV. One bonus of …

  • bcm240

    My Digital Place

        Ahhh back into the Uni blogging routine. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy blogging for University. It’s a creative way to express ideas, explore the concepts and network with other students. What I don’t enjoy? My intense procrastination issues. However, I am optimistic that this is the semester I learn to commit …