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    The Jenner Social Construct

    Kendall and Kylie. Although we have watched them grow up on screen in the Kardashian clan, it has only been in the last couple of years that these Jenner sisters have blossomed and utilised social media to build their online identity and gain a loyal fan base and career opportunities. Which I suppose would make …

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    Internet Graffiti: #I’mstickingwithtony

    With citizen journalism bursting into the media spotlight in the last 5 years, their have been mixed emotions about it. Some people, like me, are astonished and empowered by it’s strength, sheer volume, and it’s potential to add to the democratic practice. However on the other end of the spectrum we have the like of …

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    Sons of Anarchy’s Transmedia Journey

    http://prezi.com/iwymnsvc-ubs/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy A prezi to outline the different platforms and channels that come together to create the Sons of Anarchy story! Quick idea: Perhaps another less explored non-traditional platform that is involved in the transmedia stories is that of the actors themselves. Many large multi-platform stories (especially TV series) engage with their audiences through live-tweeting, you …

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    What if .. Everything is a Remix

    <http://imgur.com/SXQ8W2R> To remix is to combine or edit existing materials to create something new (Everythingisaremix).  It is the adaptation, alteration or remediation of ideas or content. So is there such thing as something that is not remixed? Something that is completely original and untouched by any other ideas or content? I believe not. Shakespeare’s Romeo …

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    The great debate: Locked or generative

    In this day and age, the most talked about wars are not those of tanks and bullets; they are those of palms, pockets and purses. With approximately 1.75 BILLION (and rising) mobile phone users worldwide, it is obviously quite a relatable topic. Everyone has encountered this debate, whether they are active participants in the conversation, a passive …