BuzzyTV is now available for High School Libraries and is offering a unique, playful and inclusive experience for students. BuzzyTV is a gaming platform that transforms any TV screen or projector into a live gaming experience where students use their smartphones as controllers! This idea was sparked through the concept of turning smartphones, something perceived to be anti-social, into the very thing connecting audiences together into a fun and shared experience.


BuzzyTV is an easy set-and-forget plug in device with a new web-playable version available for classrooms. There are a variety of games to choose from including trivia, lemonade town, buzzy ball and many more. Students can then team up and compete in leaderboards which are live and accessible via the BuzzyTV website. This unique and inclusive platform is easy and intuitive for children to play, as well as a fantastic way for students to connect through a playful and engaging group experience.

For a limited amount of time any new schools to compete in an Inter-school Leaderboard are eligible for a 3 month free trial! More information is available via the BuzzyTV website.