Sometimes, it seems as if procrastinating is inevitable. I know for me, 95% of the time I need to undergo some sort of procrastination before I dive into the task or challenge ahead. For some people it’s just part of our creative process and we need to let the idea or task ahead stew in our minds for a while. So instead of checking every social media platform on repeat for 2 hours I think the least we can do is EMBRACE this procrastination and utilise it so it’s a moderately productive thing, rather than destructive. Hence I highly suggest productive procrastination. Obviously it depends on the urgency of the task and how much time you have (due tomorrow is a lot different than due next week, trust me I would know) but here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your time avoiding important things.

1. Organise your desk space. Organise your room. Clean it all. Clean your laptop screen. Put away those pieces of paper that have been piling up on your desk and put on a load of washing. Freshen up the place, whether it be lighting a candle or adding a inspiration board or pot plant to uplift your spirits (depending on how much time you have). Clean working environment= Clear mind.

2. Go for a run, or walk, or do a class. Even if you just stretch for five minutes in the sun. Being outside in the fresh air and with sunlight will do wonders for your focusing ability.

3. Learn something. I’m all about a good book but I feel as if reading a trilogy isn’t appropriate if you are time strapped. So keep it simple and maybe google a question that you have been thinking about lately. Last google question I asked was “Why do chickens lay unfertilised eggs? Do other birds?” (surely someone else has wondered that too). Learn a new guitar chord or even just take a one minute youtube tutorial on how to draw a cute dog. Learn how to tie a new knot. Go a little outside of your comfort zone and learn a little about something that interests you. Who knows, it might even spark some inspiration.

4. Make lists. Map out what needs to get done in what time frame, and prioritise them. Not only will it help you wrap your head around what needs to be done, it also holds you accountable. There is something quite definitive about a post-it note.

5. Finally, just start it! Do something. Anything. No matter the size of the task simply starting it is a lot less daunting then tackling it all in one night. Who knows, if you’re lucky you might kickstart a bit of creative flow.

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