After two weeks of postponing this blog post in a mild denial, I have FINALLY managed to make it to the movies. Between mid semester exams and a severely lacking bank account it was evident that the movies just were not a practical idea around this time.  Not to mention the task of coordinating multiple uni students with different study and work schedules adds a whole other dimension of complexity.

Eventually (hallelujah) we were coordinated enough to decide on a both a film and a time. Both of which were very different to our usually movie attendance approach. Quite routinely, a group of around 4-6 people from my friend group would attend a glorious money saving meal deal (2 FOR 1 SCHNITZEL ABSOLUTELY) followed by a trip to Woolworth’s for cheap snacks and a movie on a pleasant Thursday evening. However this time around, the context was much different. For one, Straight Outta Compton is not necessarily a movie I would usually see. I tend to lean towards more comedy or action, but I was not able to resist after the glorious reviews and musical elements (my laptop speakers would not do it justice). Also, we went to see this movie in the middle of the day. Do you know how disorienting it is to come out of a movie only to realise it is 3pm in the afternoon? Extremely confusing.

The one main bonus of seeing a movie at an unpopular time-slot is the optimal choice of seating. As usual, we gravitated toward the front of the top section where we have more foot space and no heads in the way. The four of us sat side even though the cinema was practically empty, mainly so sharing food was not a problem. Unfortunately my friends were particularly invested in this movie so I had to consciously stop myself from making terrible puns and below-par commentary (a terrible habit I am aware).

Besides from seeing an absolutely amazing film , a main factor I took out of this experience was the realisation of how impractical attending the movies is. This is largely relating to the fact that most movies in the cinema had already been leaked online. As money savvy campus students it is hard to justify spending around $20 on the movies and snacks when it is perfectly achievable to stream or download the same movie in fairly decent quality without leaving my bed. I simply can’t bring myself to do it (unless it is a phenomenal movie I am passionate about). Over-all I think this easy-access to films online will definitely continue to impact the attendance and popularity of cinemas. Because lets face it, we are lazy by nature.