Kendall and Kylie.

Although we have watched them grow up on screen in the Kardashian clan, it has only been in the last couple of years that these Jenner sisters have blossomed and utilised social media to build their online identity and gain a loyal fan base and career opportunities. Which I suppose would make them micro-celebrities; The technique of using social media, blogging or vlogging to find and manage a readership or following (Senft, T as cited in Moore, C).

Together they have over 20 million followers on twitter and 49 million on Instagram.

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Between Kendall’s modelling and Kylie designing fashion lines for brands such as PacSun, it is evident that these sisters and making a name for themselves in their own right. They have created their own self brands, sold their lifestyle to an immense audience, and maintained a constant image of self. It is undeniable that these sisters have utilised social media platforms to their advantage, and used twitter as a way to coordinate and move between both public (professional) and personal self on multiple platforms (Marwick, Alice, Boyd & Danah 2011).


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