To remix is to combine or edit existing materials to create something new (Everythingisaremix).  It is the adaptation, alteration or remediation of ideas or content. So is there such thing as something that is not remixed? Something that is completely original and untouched by any other ideas or content? I believe not. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet? It was based off ‘The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Julie’ by Arthur Brooke, which was based on French prose tale by Pierre Boiastuau, which was a translation of an Italian tale by Matteo Bandello, which was influenced by Chaucer’s Troilus and Chriseyde. The list is endless. As you can see, remix is all around us, and not just in music sampling (although sampling is a large part of remix culture).

From television shows:

To religion:

To screaming goats:

Remix is everywhere. You could even go so far to say that we ourselves are remixes, as everything that composes who we are, both physically and intellectually, originated from another source. Or, maybe I’m just in too deep. Who knows.