In this day and age, the most talked about wars are not those of tanks and bullets; they are those of palms, pockets and purses. With approximately 1.75 BILLION (and rising) mobile phone users worldwide, it is obviously quite a relatable topic. Everyone has encountered this debate, whether they are active participants in the conversation, a passive by-stander, or even just experienced the uncomfortable feeling of judgement when someone else opposes your phone choice.


Mobile phones has evolved gradually to incorporate a vast amount of other uses. It is no longer just a phone. It is a camera, a video recorder, a computer, an mp3 player. As these smart phones have taken over the market, two particular operating systems have been going head-to-head for quite some time. Google’s Android and Apples iOS have battled for market share since the emergence of smart phones, and have ultimately divided the public by targeting two very different consumer groups.


Android is an open source platform that emphasises freedom- make your phone to suit yourself. They emphasise choice. Because phone designs and brands vary, you can choose a phone best suited for your needs. Want a waterproof phone? No worries. Want a phone that will help you take the best pictures possible? Too easy. Android targets consumers that wish to tailor their phone to suit their needs, both software and hardware. You can add your own widgets and create your own apps without rigorous filtering etc. Android is a generate platform which means that a wide array of companies are competing, and have it in their best interest, to create the best mobile possible.


IOS have targeted their market by appealing to the straightforward and simple users; people that want an clean and uncomplicated phone and software that does its job with minimal knowledge and interference by the user. They emphasise their smooth, effortless and easy to use design, as well as the straightforward interconnectedness with apple’s other platforms such as itunes, ipods, ipads, and macbooks.

To me, this debate is similar to that of  cats vs dogs. It is simply the users preference. The thing is, we are all different. So it is not a surprise that we all interact with our technology in different ways. If someone wants complete freedom to explore and alter the depths of mobile technology then that is fantastic! If someone wants a phone that is straightforward, simple and uncomplicated to use, well then that is cool too.


Just whatever you do, don’t become too closed minded when it comes to mobile phones.  At the rate technology is evolving in five to ten years we may even have whole new designs and platforms to play around with. For example: The Phoneblok. “Phonebloks are built on an open platform, where companies work together to create the best phone in the world.”