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    Hollaback: Mapping for Social Justice

    Throughout history maps have been used and utilised as tools by those in power. The first world map was created in 1569 by a flemish cartographer named Gerardus Mercator, which inaccurately depicted Europe as larger and central compared to other countries such as Africa which were made to seem smaller. Not only did these warped …

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    The great debate: Locked or generative

    In this day and age, the most talked about wars are not those of tanks and bullets; they are those of palms, pockets and purses. With approximately 1.75 BILLION (and rising) mobile phone users worldwide, it is obviously quite a relatable topic. Everyone has encountered this debate, whether they are active participants in the conversation, a passive …

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    Research: dig a little deeper

    Finding the cheapest site for those new shoes you’ve been saving for? Research. That cute guy/girl’s profile you just ‘browsed’ through? Research. Asking google random questions that pop into your head? Research. Every single day we research without realising it and the thing is, we are great at it! Research is what we do! Humans …