The public have a right to unbiased and free information, and generally speaking, this is traditionally what media were meant to provide. But media that isn’t warped by its owners is getting harder and harder to access due to the majority of media sources being owned by one small group of key figures. The ownership of media is declining, and is being traded through a small select group of people. The question to ask is, just how much power do these media magnates actually have over their media? How much can they affect what we read and view? The information the public receives from news, TV, radio and the internet largely influences our social and political choices. We have a right to make educated and informed decisions and it is becoming impossible to evaluate all of the biased information we are being swarmed with.

Coming from a small town (and working in the only newsagency) the media sources were limited. The main (if not only) newspapers available were the Telegraph, Australian and Sydney Morning Herald which are conveniently all owned by the same man, Rupert Murdoch. During 2013 election time, every one of these newspapers were covered with negative views of Kevin Rudd. Controversy sparked when Kevin Rudd accused Rupert Murdoch of orchestrating an anti-labour campaign. This not so subtle campaign event went as far as associating Rudd with Nazism. The strength of the relationship between media control and power and just how much the media owners have control over our content is very unclear and there are many blurred lines and grey areas. But the way I see it, by controlling the public discourse you control what people talk about and the media magnates such as Rupert Murdoch do just that.


The term “whoever controls the media controls the mind” really sums up the amount of influence media has on our decision making, and the question is,  just how are the younger generation supposed to make intuitive and informed decisions when the information we are being bombarded with is adjusted to benefit the main shareholder?