Ahh the dreaded introduction. I’m going to jump to the assumption that nobody is interested in reading my boring life story and dive enthusiastically into some fun facts instead.

1. My birthmark looks like a mini T-rex. (My main achievement in life- and i was born with it. Bummer.)

2. I live about 7 hours from Wollongong. (In the middle of nowhere  NSW)

3. I am in a committed relationship with food.

4. I’m studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media/ Creative Arts (Music) Double Degree and still have no clue where I’m going to go with it. I should probably work on that.

5. Last night I discovered I am actually the most horrible UNO player in the history of the world. Devastating times.

6. I strongly believe in “How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you”.

7. My love of TV shows scares me a little.

8. I broke my thumb on dodge-em cars (unofficially- but thats not the point here). Dodge-em cars are the devil.

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I was told we were to create our own blog the first thing that came to mind was in fact a Will Ferrell quote from Blades of Glory. “Nobody knows what it means. But its provocative. It gets people going.” I’m not sure how accurate this quote will actually be in reference to my blog, but strangely enough I find it inspiring. Maybe its just because Will Ferrell is so sassy.

Moving on, as most of you can probably tell by now, I am very new to this blogging business. My mind is as scattered as the clothes on my floor, but as I’m finishing this post I’m getting less terrified and more excited by the minute. Lets do this. The Ultimate Collection Of Will Ferrell Reaction GIFs